DIY UNO Themed Birthday Party

DIY UNO Themed Birthday Party. Baby's First Birthday. Smash Cake. High Chair Banner.

When I was picking a theme for my son’s first birthday party, on Pinterest of course, it came down to a puppy party and an UNO party. I really loved the idea of the puppy party (and still do!) but I thought it might be something to save for a second or third birthday. I also thought an UNO party would be fairly easy and inexpensive to do.

So, UNO it was! 

Before I go on with the details of the party, let me say this… I am not crafty. I have no artistic abilities. I can’t sew. I’m afraid of hot glue guns. And I can’t tie a decent bow to save my life.  Which is why I almost took the route of buying everything on Etsy but I just couldn’t justify the expense.  I guarantee you these ideas are easy.

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Invitations – I found a few ideas for invitation wording and tweaked them a little bit to the way I wanted it. Then I used PicMonkey to create them. Here is an example of my invitation with a couple of tips:
UNO Party. First Birthday. Invitation Example.
Goody Bags – I am so disappointed that this is the one thing I didn’t get a picture of. But for the goody bags, I just bought red paper  bags from the Dollar Tree. Then I put an UNO card that correlated with each child’s age on the front of the bag (i.e. a 2 for 2 year olds, etc.). I had two kids over age 9, so I used wild cards. They seemed to like that. Inside of the goody bags, I put: mini bubbles, sidewalk chalk, mini uno cards, a whistle, a small disk/frisbee and a few pieces of candy.

High Chair Banner – I used an old deck of UNO cards for this (and for the goody bags) and I swiped a piece of ribbon from my sister’s house because she’s crafty and owns ribbon. I took 1’s and Wild cards and taped them to the ribbon with packing tape (yes, packing tape). I taped the ribbon and cards to my son’s high chair. Then I took streamers, two of each color in a pattern (i.e. red, blue, green, yellow, red, blue, green yellow), cut about a foot or so long and folded them in half. I placed them behind four cards, also in a pattern and also taped. It wasn’t anything fancy but it worked out great!

Back drop – I wanted a backdrop behind the food table, so I used table cloths (one of each color from the Dollar Tree) and had them taped to the ceiling. My cousin who is both tall and a designer helped me hang them. We also placed two bunches of streamers from the ceiling. Then we put a “Happy Birthday” banner, again from the Dollar Tree, in front of the back drop.

Uno Birthday Party. Decorations. Party Backdrop.

Table Decorations – I used table cloths in one of each color for the tables where people sat, black for the food/cake table and the sound system and white for the gift table. Then I sprinkled mini UNO cards on the tables like confetti. On two tables outside where people sat, I placed a deck of UNO cards in the center. These were not only decoration but also for playing. I made a collage a picture collage at and put it in a frame on the food table. On the gift table, I had a sign with some of my son’s stats, firsts, and favorites with the title “It’s been a WILD year”. I made this using PicMonkey as well. I took frames from my son’s room for both the collage and sign.

Uno Party Theme. Decorations. First Birthday Party.


It's Been a WILD Year. UNO Party. Baby's Firsts. Baby's Milestones

Baby’s First Year Photo Streamers – I printed out each of my son’s monthly pictures and taped them onto streamers to hang outside where the tables were set up. I cut one streamer from each color and taped three pictures per streamer and let them blow in the wind. They were really simple but cute.

UNO Birthday Party Theme. Decorations. Baby.s First Year Photo Streamers.

Cupcakes & Smash Cake – To help me save money, my sister offered to make the cupcakes and smash cake for the party. Per my request, she made a no sugar added cake with wheat flour for the smash cake. She decorated it with white cream cheese frosting and we put a blue number one candle on top. It was simple but very pretty. And my son loved it! For the party guests, she made cupcakes and frosted them in  the different UNO colors. Then she put the mini UNO cards on top with toothpicks. (Boy, did those mini cards come in handy!)

UNO Birthday Party. Cupcakes. Baby's First Birthday.


UNO Themed Birthday Party. Baby's First Birthday. Smash Cake. High Chair Banner.

Baby's First Birthday. UNO Birthday Party. Smash Cake.

Birthday Outfit – I ordered a black UNO shirt from an Etsy shop called Texas Tees Plus and I bought some yellow shorts from Carter’s. I looked into making and printing my own shirt or ordering on Amazon but I went with the shop because it was the cheapest and had great reviews.

UNO Theme First Birthday Party. UNO Shirt.

These are all of the UNO theme elements to the party. I will share later my thoughts and tips on planning a first birthday party which will include the games and activities we had.

Did you do a first birthday party for your little one? Or are you going to?

6 thoughts on “DIY UNO Themed Birthday Party

  1. Tennille @ Two Kids And A Budget June 8, 2016 / 3:31 am

    What a cute idea! I’ve never seen an uno birthday party before. That was so creative, and it looks like the birthday boy loved his cake! What a great photo for his memory book.

    • inezbayardo June 8, 2016 / 11:15 am

      Thanks, Tennille! It was really fun and, yes, he loved that cake!!

  2. Hil June 12, 2016 / 5:44 pm

    He is so cute!! I do the one year of pics banner too then hang it up in their room afterwards. Such a great keepsake. I don’t remember all the firsts so good on you to write that down.

    Thanks for sharing at #EverythingKids

  3. Justine Y @ Little Dove June 17, 2016 / 3:33 pm

    This is such a cute idea for a party! I hadn’t heard of this idea before and I love ti!

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