3 Friends Every Mom Should Have


Throughout my  life I  have been incredibly blessed with great friendships. I especially consider it a blessing because making friends is note exactly my strong suit. I’m not the kind of person that will totally put myself out there but, thankfully, I have had many amazing people placed in my path – some of which have forced (politely, of course) me to be their friend. Going through my first pregnancy and now being a mom for the first time, I have come to appreciate my friends all the more.

Making and maintaining friends is tough in adulthood, especially in motherhood, but we were created for relationship – we were designed for community. I was recently thinking about the different friends I have and their importance in my life, particularly as a mom. As I thought about what I would write on for my first contributor post at MOMspuration, I was reminded of the friends I have in my life and how each one of them encourages me along this journey of motherhood. We all need these kinds of friends!

Here’s a little taste of my post, 3 Friends Every Mom Should Have:

I am an “older” mom. Many people try to argue that with me but when I tell them I was actually termed Advanced Maternal Age that usually puts a stop to the conversation quickly (and somewhat awkwardly, I suppose). The fact that the majority of my friends have been making babies for a while now and some have stopped for a while now is actually pretty handy. It means I have plenty of people to run things by. I have come to appreciate these friend on a whole new level. I’ve also come to appreciate my friends in other stages of motherhood, as well. I’ve realized that there are 3 kind of friends I really need in my life. I think every mom does!

Read the rest of this post here.

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