12 Categories for Dreams (or Goals)

I am a dreamer. I have no problem thinking up things I’d like to do, jobs I’d like to have, places I’d like to go, etc. I have a dream

book where I keep track of all of my dreams, using 12 categories. I then turn them into goals (dreams with deadlines ) and as I accomplish them, I write the dates down.

For me, starting and maintaining a dream journal has been fairly easy but I realize it doesn’t come so naturally for everyone. Not to say that if it doesn’t come easily for someone that person doesn’t have dreams. We all have dreams. I think some people just don’t always recognize some of their desires as dreams.

12 Categories

Years ago I led a friend of mine in a dream session (basically a guided time of brainstorming or, more accurately, dreaming). She assured me that she didn’t have any dreams. I assured her that she did.

During the session I asked some questions to get her thinking about dreams she had in these 12 categories.

By the end of the session she had come up with  100 dreams!

Here are the 12 categories:

  • Physical – example: lose weight
  • Emotional – example: take your children to your childhood home
  • Intellectualexample: go back to school
  • Adventureexample: jump out of an airplane
  • Creativeexample: learn an instrument
  • Spiritualexample: read the entire Bible
  • Professionalexample: get a promotion
  • Psychologicalexample: conquer your fear of heights
  • Materialexample: buy a new car
  • Financialexample: start a college fund for your children
  • Legacyexample: be a mentor
  • Characterexample: be known as a kind person

Do you have dreams in these categories?


2 thoughts on “12 Categories for Dreams (or Goals)

  1. andrea January 18, 2016 / 3:08 am

    i think my first goal is to set some goals – and stick to them! 🙂

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