Review: The Illustrated Bible for Little Ones

the-illustrated-bible-for-little-ones-novice mommy blogOne of my goals as a new mom was to implement devotions/Bible reading into our daily routine from day one… ish. (I was really tired those first few days!) When my son was a newborn we used the “Learn-to-Read Bible” which was a hand-me-down from one of my nephews. I actually really love that Bible and will definitely be using it when he gets older. For his baby dedication, my parents bought him The Illustrated Bible for Little Ones and it is by far my little guy’s favorite of all his books!

What he likes:

  • The color! This Bible has extremely vivid colors. He can hardly contain himself whenever he sees the cover, I have to keep the  book out of site until I’m ready to read, otherwise a meltdown will ensue .

Kids Reading In White Bedroom

What I like:

  • I love the color, as well, and I also like the illustrations. I often feel like baby/kid’s Bibles are lacking in this area but these illustrations are pretty good.
  • I like that the majority of the stories are one page. This is perfect for a 7 month old attention span!
  • Even though this Bible reads like a storybook, books and chapters are included.
  • There is a good amount of content as far as the number of Bible stories and passages that are covered.
  • It reads easily and uses age-appropriate terms. This is written at a level that many elementary age children could read, which is great for getting everyone involved. My niece loves being a part of my son’s Bible time when she spends the night!

What I Would Change:

  • I would make the pages slightly thicker. I am constantly worried that my son is going to rip the pages.
  • I would leave out  “filling in the blanks”. I get it, this is a children’s’ storybook Bible – it’s written as stories. For the most  part, I think they’ve done a fabulous job but there have been a couple of instances where I felt like there was a little too much liberty with details. For example, in the story of Luke 2 there is some dialogue between Mary, Joseph and the innkeeper. However, there is no mention of an innkeeper in the Bible.

As a former children’s pastor, I have seen a lot of story Bibles. This really is the best I’ve seen and I absolutely love how my son goes crazy over God’s Word. I would highly recommend it!

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