One Desperate Woman: A Study of Mark 5:24-29


Are there any people in the Bible that you just absolutely love? When I read my Bible certain “characters” (I use the term loosely) just jump out at me. For example, David – I love him! He was an absolute mess yet he loved God with his whole being and was even referred to (by God) as a man after God’s heart!

I also love Paul. Paul was direct, bold and didn’t play games – that’s my kind of man. And let’s not forget Peter. Peter denied Christ yet the Bible says that the church would be built upon him. He was overly zealous, didn’t always think before he acted, doubted God and still God used him to build his church. Amazing!

These are the kinds of people in the Bible that I just love.

I love them because I see a little bit of me in them. They all had issues! 

In recent years, I have come to love another person in the Bible. She has no name (well, I’m sure she had a name but the Bible doesn’t state it), but she definitely had issues. In fact, she had one major issue.

She was “the woman with the issue of blood”.

We meet this woman just after Jesus is asked to go see Jairus’ daughter. As always, there is a huge crowd following Jesus. The word “crowd” in this passage actually refers to a violent crowd. Now, this doesn’t mean that people were out trying to harm others but there were a lot of them, they all wanted to see Jesus and they probably didn’t always practice manners.

I liken it the crowd at Wal-Mart on Black Friday when the doors are opening. Everyone has an agenda and they’re not afraid to trample people to accomplish it!

This was definitely not the safest place to be.

In that time a person who was bleeding was considered to be unclean. In fact, when a woman was on her monthly cycle she could not go out in public because she was unclean. I would hate to be “unclean” even just once a month, imagine being unclean for twelve years!

This woman probably lost friendships because of her condition. It is also likely that she lost her husband. We know that she was married because the term used for “woman” indicates that she was a wife (much like our usage of Mrs.). However, since she was unclean she could not be intimate with her husband which would have given him grounds for divorce. On top of that, she was broke (verse 26)!

But wait, as if that wasn’t enough she was also tired and weak. It’s very probable that she was anemic from the loss of blood. So, here we have a lonely, broke, tired woman.

I can so relate!

She was truly at the end of her rope.

Her act of reaching out for Jesus’ robe in the midst of a crazy crowd wasn’t done on a whim; it was an act of desperation. She so badly needed and wanted her situation to change; she was so desperate that she stepped out and took a risk.

Desperate people do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. Often times we see people’s desperation produce negative things in their lives.  They  steal, kill, form addictive habits, stay in abusive relationships… and the list goes on.

But what about the positive things desperation can produce? Like the woman with the issue of blood, sometimes our desperation catapults us into a miracle – into our destiny.

To most, desperate is not a good place to be but, to God, desperate just may be exactly where He wants us.

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One thought on “One Desperate Woman: A Study of Mark 5:24-29

  1. Mary Collins November 12, 2015 / 5:58 pm

    Intriguing perspective on interesting characters in the Bible. I always thought Peter talked too much. However, there were parts of him that I found relatable. The woman with the blood issue was absolutely desperate. I’ve always felt for her. Yes, God does amazing work when we are desperate.

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