How to Make Cash Without Getting a Second Job (Or a Job at All!)

How to Make Cash Without Getting a Job - Diary of a New Mommy - - SAHM - WAHM

I have spent the majority of my adult life employed by churches and non-profit organizations. While this is extremely rewarding, the salaries are not always super competitive (some are, but many are not). Therefore, I’ve frequently looked for ways to supplement my income. Currently, I am a stay at home mom. Again, in need of supplemental income!

People often ask me why I don’t get a job. Not that it’s really anyone’s business but here’s the answer: I made a commitment to myself (and my son) that I would stay home with him for at least the first year of his life (5 if possible!).  There are just too may precious moments that I will never get back.

Something that a lot of people aren’t aware of is that, I do generate income while at home with my son. (Again, not that it’s anyone’s business.) There are some fairly easy ways to make money from home (and some not-so-easy) ways. If you’d like to make money without getting a “job” here are some ideas:

  • Selling stuff! It’s amazing how quickly we can accumulate stuff. Chances are right now you easily have $50 in your garage, closet, desk, etc. I have made quite a bit of money selling my own stuff via eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade Groups, Offer Up and even good old-fashioned yard sales. When I first started selling stuff I mostly used Craigslist but now I primarily use Offer Up or eBay, depending on what it is that I have to sell (for example, large items I would choose Facebook over eBay because shipping costs might drive the price up way too high). This is probably the quickest way to make some cash and it is something I do on a regular basis.
  • Babysitting. If you don’t like kids, you probably should scroll on by this one! But if you happen to like kids and have even just a little experience with them, this is another pretty easy money-maker… and it’s FUN! There are a few ways you can go about getting some babysitting gigs and a variety of services you can offer. One way to get some jobs is by word of mouth. Don’t know who to ask? Who do you know that knows a lot of  people? Start there! I have mostly used word of mouth but I’ve also gotten quite a few jobs from
  • Class Action Lawsuits.  This takes a little bit of time so it’s not necessarily a “quick” way to make money but it is by far the easiest. Class action lawsuits are constantly going on and you may qualify to cash in! All you have to do is find  an item you’ve purchased and fill out a claim form (be sure to read the qualifications first). Some claims offer cash and some offer vouchers. Either way, it’s definitely worth checking out. I’ve used Class Action Rebates.
  • Dropshipping. Did you know you could have a store without keeping any inventory? Customers purchase directly from you and you have the item sent from the company to them. You’re basically a middle man or advertiser for the company. I personally have done this using eBay and Amazon and made over $700 in my first month. That’s a nice chunk of “extra” change! I paid for DS Domination to learn how to do this. Obviously, it was worth the investment for me but I didn’t like that in order to learn “more” you had to… you guessed it… pay more. The cost was $19. I also, recently came across Doba. Doba works with thousands of suppliers that you can choose products from to sell from the platform of your choice (i.e. eBay, Shopify, etc.). I recently previewed this company and I was super impressed. Also, Ashley in customer service is amazing!
  • Direct Sales.  I have done quite a bit of direct selling in my day. I’ve never made a full-time income but I have made some pretty good “extra” money. Even though, I haven’t gotten rich from it I know people who have. And I mean, personally know. And I mean have gotten rich. Here’s the thing about direct sales… it does work but it takes work. Also, there are generally start up costs involved. Many are $99 but some go as high as $1000+.  Personally, I’ve never done a business that I didn’t make my investment back in under a month. I’m sure you know someone who does direct sales, if you’re the least bit curious just ask them for some info. If they’re local, ask to meet in person and get yourself a free cup of coffee (I jest, sort of)!

These are just a few ideas. Again, I have done all of these and I have made anywhere from a few bucks (residual income from work I had already done in a month that I didn’t work at all) to almost three thousand dollars in a month.

How have you earned extra cash?

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