A Timely Visit (Day 19 of “31 Days”)

31 Days-Unplanned-Pregnancy-Novice-Mommy-Blog

Not too long before I found out I was pregnant, my brother contacted me and said that he wanted to come out for a visit… soon. He told me the dates he was thinking and then made arrangements to come out.

I actually thought something bad had happened. I mean, who plans a last minute “quick” trip to Hawaii? He originally said he would be coming out alone. I worried that he was having marriage problems.

He ended up making arrangements for both he and my sister-in-law to fly out. So, at that point I figured that either he was really stressed out at work or their kids were driving them crazy.

Clearly, he really needed a vacation!

Just last week, that trip came up in conversation and I found out that my brother felt that something was wrong with me and he needed to visit me.

The trip ended up being just about two and half weeks after I found out I was pregnant.

It was right in the middle of my turmoil.

At that point, I was feeling pretty awful from the pregnancy and I was completely heartbroken over the situation with my son’s dad – whom I had not heard from since a few days after we found out I was pregnant.

I was exhausted, nauseous and heartbroken – not exactly in the best state for company.

But God knew that I needed this visit long before I did.

I had considered telling my brother and sister-in-law but I didn’t want to ruin (what I thought was) their much needed vacation.

Since I didn’t tell them, it didn’t consume our conversations and, more importantly, I spent less time thinking about it.

That visit turned out to be a breath of fresh air for me. One that just a few weeks prior, I had no idea I would need.

I had no idea just how much I would need this visit. I had no idea what was just ahead.

But God knew. And He sent me relief.

We can never be sure of where life may lead us but we can always be sure that God is watching out for us.   Tweet this!

He will never make us walk alone.

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