Delayed Announcement (Day 18 of “31 Days”)

31 Days-Unplanned-Pregnancy-Novice-Mommy-Blog

When I was getting near my due date a lot of people would comment to me that my pregnancy went by “really fast”. I couldn’t help but laugh and think that it was probably because most people found out when I was in my third trimester!

Aside from my co-workers, only a handful of people knew I was pregnant up until the rest of my immediate family started finding out between 13-15 weeks. I didn’t “publicly” announce it until I was 27 weeks.

People that did know frequently asked when I was going to make it public and I frequently said, “never”. Obviously, I knew that wasn’t really possible.

I just wasn’t ready.

Some disagreed with my decision to wait so long. They felt it would be better just to “own it” and move on. While I understand this position,  I just felt like at some point I would know that I was ready for it.

So, I waited until then.  

I am a huge advocate of having people in our lives to talk to , people to do life with but that doesn’t mean that we need to include everyone in every detail of our lives.

It also doesn’t mean that the people you choose not to share information with are any less important.

Of course, we all have different “layers” of friendship, but there are many more people that I could have told about my pregnancy sooner. People that are very special to me, that would have given me support and good counsel. There’s no reason that I didn’t tell certain people, other than the first two trimesters were a very private and highly emotional time for me.

I just needed to work some things out within myself before I expanded the circle of people “in the know”.

Looking back, I don’t think I would have changed the timing of my announcement. It was right at the time when anticipation and excitement were really starting to build.

Any sooner, an even remotely negative comment could very likely throw me into a tailspin but at this point nothing could get me down.

I was having a baby and I could not wait!

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