The Power of Small Gestures (Day 12 of “31 Days”)

31 Days-Unplanned-Pregnancy-Novice-Mommy-Blog

Shortly after I told my friend I was pregnant (the one I talk about in Starbucks and My Saving Grace), she came to my house and brought me Prenatal Vitamins, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and some Pregnancy Tea.

I lived in the middle of the ocean, almost 2,500 miles away from my family (plus, they didn’t even know I was pregnant!) and I had not spoken to my son’s father in several days. This was an extremely lonely and delicate time for me.

My friend dropping by “just” to bring me a few things was very timely . To her it was probably a  “small gesture” but to me it was a reminder that everything was going to be ok – that I wasn’t alone, that I would be taken care of.

And not only would I be taken care of but I was cared for. A fact that I desperately needed to know.

You never know how a seemingly small act will touch the heart of the recipient of your kindness.

A few groceries could be a feast.

A simple phone call could be a lifeline.

A card could be a letter from God.

A hug could be a healing embrace.

Never underestimate the power of a “small” gesture.”

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