My Favorite Places to Shop for Baby Boy Clothes (On a Budget!)


One of my favorites things about being a mom is dressing up my son.

Ok, not really.

Ok, fine… really.  Or at least kind of.

I just can’t help it. It’s so much fun! He always looks so adorable. I especially love it when I envision an outfit and, of course, he looks even cuter than I ever pictured it. For example, the week before Malachi turned 4 months, I had the perfect idea of the outfit I would put together for his picture. The picture turned out WAY cuter than I imagined it would. You can check it out on my Instagram account.

Some people still seem to be under the notion that shopping for girls is more fun. I completely disagree with that, however, I will say that the selection for boys isn’t quite as big as it is for girls. You can definitely have a good time picking out boys clothes for your little man, though. And he can literally look like a little man!

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Here are a few of my favorite places to shop for Malachi’s clothes (in no particular order):

    • Old Navy – I love Old Navy because it has a great balance between classic and trendy. Also, they often have great sales (never pay full price!). If you like online shopping they have free shipping for purchases over $50, otherwise shipping is $5 (which is the cheapest I’ve seen).
    • Carter’s – I really love Carter’s because they have quality clothes at a great price. Carter’s is available at several different stores (and even has brands specific to Target and Wal-Mart), which is nice for accessibility. However, this also means that literally everyone’s baby wears Carter’s! Also, Carter’s is more classic in style. They do have some trendy clothes (like the adorable denim shirt Malachi wore for his 4 month picture) but they’re mostly classic baby wear. They have great jammies and onesies!  I would definitely recommend shopping at an actual Carter’s store, if there is one nearby, rather than other stores  because Carter’s stores frequently have sales and they are almost always offering coupons via email. Of course, you can always shop online (standard shipping is $6).
    • H & M – If you’re looking for trendy, look no more! I seriously can’t even handle the cuteness of H & M’s boy clothes. Some of their items are a little pricier than I like to pay, considering, most outfits are only worn a handful of times at this point (if that). However, many of their jeans are fair prices and I got these super cute scarves (perfect for drooly babies) for $5.99.  For online shopping, shipping is $5.95. I have yet to purchase online and have not been able to figure out if they offer free shipping at all.

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Shopping Tip: Always check the online prices before you buy in store, specifically, if you are purchasing a large amount. Often times prices are discounted online and not in the store. However, shipping is a definite factor in whether or not it’s worth it.

Where do you like to shop for your little one?

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