Natural Diapers Review: Honest, BabyGanics and 7th Generation 

I initially had planned on using cloth diapers for my son. After he was born I quickly realized that I would need to at least use disposables at night. I had already purchased some Honest Company newborns “just in case”. Well, night time turned into night time and going out which then turned in to all the time. So, as my usage of disposables increased I began playing around with different (cheaper) brands. Here’s what I found:

  • BabyGanics – While this brand is pretty visit/effective, for a natural brand, I found the diapers to be pretty terrible. We had lots of leakage with this brand and I found that the tabs are often really hard to pull up. I purchased these once and never again.
  • 7th Generation (Touch of Cloth) – One of the things I really liked about 7th Generation is that they’re actually made with cloth. They’re also a pretty good price (again, for a natural brand). These have worked out pretty well. The natural brands, in general, aren’t going to be as absorbant as the others (so, I’ve heard) but these do a pretty good job… and my little man is a BIG wetter! These tabs catch sometimes, too, but not nearly as bad a BabyGanics. Also, there’s no cute sue designs… if that’s important to you.
  • Honest – These are my favorite! They’re also the most expensive… as much as $3 more than 7th Generation. Even though, they’re my favorite  I don’t feel like they’re that much better  than 7th Generation. They are more absorbant and they have cutesie designs. Oh, and the tabs never stick! Can you tell those pesky tabs really annoy me?

One of the downsides of using natural brands (besides price), is selection. Even if the store carries natural brands, they don’t always have a huge stock. So, depending on the selection, I flip flop between 7th Geberation and Honest. If both brands have the size I need,  opt for 7th Generation because I don’t feel the difference from Honest justifies the price. However, if Honest is on sale… I do a happy dance and load up my cart!
P.S. These are the three brands most commonly found in stores. I do hope to order Bamboo and Earth’s Best from Amazon, so watch for that review!

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3 thoughts on “Natural Diapers Review: Honest, BabyGanics and 7th Generation 

  1. Tracey October 3, 2015 / 9:30 pm

    Hi Inez, I came to your blog when Emily Freeman mentioned she would be following your 31 days posts. I have enjoyed reading your concise posts!

    I had to chime in when I read this post because I used Seventh Generation disposable diapers exclusively with all 3 children (my oldest is 9 now–how is that possible?!) Anyway, anytime I had problems with leaks I moved up to the next size diapers. I never had a problem with them being too big and the leaks stopped. I also ordered them by the case with Amazon Subscribe and Save so they were delivered to my door. Winning! Congratulations on your sweet baby boy, you got this mama!

    • inezbayardo October 4, 2015 / 4:39 am

      Thank you for stopping by, Tracey! And for your suggestion. I’m actually just about to move my little guy up. But I’m not sure if that was the issue. At the time of this post, I had moved him up and found that there was too much room with lots of leak, so I moved him back down and still had some leaks with 7th Generation. Not nearly as bad or as often as the BabyGanics but I don’t seem to have that issue with Honest. I will say, though, overall he has very few leaks. Perhaps I should update. 🙂 Is that Amazon Subscribe where they’re auto shipped?

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