In the Bag: What I packed in My Hospital Bag

 I thought for my first post-baby post I would share what I packed in my hospital bag and what I wish I had/hadn’t packed. 

I know, I know there’s millions of (ok, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration) posts out there on the subject, I would know, I have them all pinned on Pinterest. Pouring through all these lists, some of which are quite lengthy, can be overwhelming. Believe it or not, my list was fairly simple. I didn’t pack anything like pads or shampoo  because the hospital provides that. I also didn’t pack a nursing bra because you don’t need. Oh, you will, but not quite yet.

Here’s what I packed for me: 

  • Slippers – Hospital floors are cold… and dirty. Pack the slippers! 
  • Flip Flops – I mostly packed these for the ride home but they come in handy for the shower as well, if you don’t want to go barefoot. I also used mine for a more vigorous walk around the labor and delivery unit. 
  • Robe – This came in handy for walks around the unit. The first night I didn’t care about walking around with no bra but the next day when guests were arriving to see their loved ones, I felt a little awkward. I did not use the hospital gown but if you are going to, then I would think a robe is a must have! 
  • Pajama Gown – I decided to wear my own gown vs. the hospital gown and I’m so glad I did. I felt comfortable and didn’t have to worry about indecent exposure (although, at a certain point that worry goes out the window!). 
  • Yoga Pants – For the trip home. 
  • Comfy Top – For the trip home. 
  • Chapstick – I think this is one I read somewhere in my millions o’ pins, I’m not sure I would have thought of it on my own. My lips got so dry while in the hospital, so this was a good pack! 
  • Makeup Bag – Yes, I wore makeup in the hospital. I didn’t go full glam and I didn’t wear it the whole time but I did wear it. It was nice to put a little on when I knew guests were arriving and it just made me feel a little better after 3 days of labor! 
  • Wallet – At 37 weeks I consolidated my wallet into a slim clutch wallet where I made sure to have my ID, medical card and bank card. Then, I put the wallet in my makeup bag. When it was time to go to the hospital I just slipped the makeup bag in my hospital bag. 
  • Phone Charger – What would I have done without Facebook in between contractions? I do not know. Oh and of course, after my little guy arrived my camera was open 24/7. 
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Deodorant – Need I say more? (However, I didn’t use the deodorant. Not because I’m gross, the hospital provides one and I preferred to use there’s vs. bend over and look for mine!) 
  • Hair Ties – Not much to say here except laboring can get hot! 
  • Contact Solution/Contact Holder & Glasses – If you wear contacts keep in mind you may not be able to wear them if you were to get a c-section (depends on the doctor/hospital).
  • Button down Pajama Top – This is great to thrown on over your gown when guests come. I suppose you could use your robe but my button down is so much cuter!  

Here’s what I packed for baby: 

  • Going home outfit – because going naked might be cold. 
  • Receiving blanket – I almost didn’t pack one because the hospital provides them but I decided to just in case. I’m glad I did because it was perfect for hospital pictures. 
  • Light blanket – I used this to cover him for the car ride home. 
  • 2 Diapers – The hospital provides plenty of diapers but I’m doing cloth and have some natural diapers for trips out.

Here’s what I wish I had packed: 

  • A battery operated fan – A friend of mine told me to get a battery operated handheld fan but I never did. While in labor I wished I had listened. Yes, the hospital is air conditioned very well but labor is hard work and, not to mention, hormones are going crazy. If I had a fan, perhaps I wouldn’t have ended up laboring on all fours completely naked.  Just sayin’. 
  • An extra gown – I ended up having a very long labor. By the time delivery day came I was on day 3 and ended up switching to a hospital gown. I sincerely, hope your labor is not as long (this is why I’m against induction!) but you never know, I wish I had packed an extra. 
  • A gallon (or two or three) of water – I drank a LOT of water. Yes, the hospital gives you water but I wish I had some of my own so I didn’t bug them quite so much and for times when being my personal water person had to take the back burner to more urgent matters. 

So, that’s what I brought to the hospital. What did you take/are you taking?

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