Laughter is Good Medicine

Laughter is Good Medicine

One of my all time favorite scenes from any movie is the “I Love to Laugh” scene Mary Poppins. When I was a little girl, something about that song resonated with me.

I loved to laugh.

I still love to laugh and I love being around people who make me laugh.

Laughing just feels good.

Not too long ago I went to a conference with a group of people and we literally laughed the whole time. The smallest (and dumbest) things would cause us to break out into an uproar of laughter. People stared at us like we were crazy which only made us laugh more.

And it felt good.

This trip came just on the heels of me moving from California to Hawaii. If you’ve ever made a major move like that, you would know that it is accompanied by some major emotions.

Excitement. Fear. Sadness. Joy. Anticipation. Anxiety.

A lot of ups and downs!

In the midst of a major transition, laughter was my therapy.

When I think about it, laughter has always been my therapy and it continues to be today.

Laughter has been proven to relieve stress, relax muscles and even burns calories!

Laughter does a body good.

Have you laughed today?

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