Finding Your Perfect Match

Find Your Perfect Match

Finding a perfect match for your foundation can be tricky. I’ll admit it took me years to figure it out! Finding a good foundation can be overwhelming and, unfortunately, you can’t always rely on someone at the makeup counter to help you. Learning how to find my perfect foundation match is seriously one of the best lessons I’ve learned!

Here are two main things to help you find your match:

1) Know Your Skin Type – What dos this have to do with foundation color, you ask? Nothing! But finding your perfect match is more than color. Certain foundations can make oily skin look even more oily or dry skin more dry. If you have oily skin, you’ll want to use something oil-free or mineral powder. If you have dry skin, cream or a hydrating foundation would work great!

2) Do the Jaw Test – The best way to find your perfect match (as far as color goes) is to test it on your jawline. Your perfect match should blend in perfectly, with no line. If you already have a foundation that has worked or perhaps is just a little off take it with you to the cosmetics store and get foundations a couple of shades lighter and darker. This will be a good starting point, if you have no clue where to start.

Also, don’t forget you may need to change your foundation according to the season. Unless you live somewhere where the sun is out all year long chances are your skin tone changes from winter to summer. For some, it is significant enough where you will need to change your foundation.

Happy Hunting!

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