Is It Possible to Have ‘No Regrets’?


Every time I see something that says, “no regrets” I regret that I have regrets.

True Story.

I often wonder what is wrong with me that I do have some regrets while so many others claim to have none.

I’ve come to this conclusion: there’s nothing wrong with me, well except for one minor problem… I’m human!

I am human, therefore, I have done things I am not proud of.

I’ve let people down. I’ve let myself down. I’ve neglected relationships. I’ve neglected myself. I’ve neglected God. I’ve quit too soon. I’ve quit too late. I stayed when I should have gone. I’ve gone when I should’ve stayed. I’ve bit off more than I could chew. I’ve bitten off too little.

I think you get the picture… I have regrets!

To say you have “no regrets” is like saying you have no memory. The last time I checked the only one who is capable of wiping out his memory is God (you know like when we do one of those things we later regret and He forgives us.).

Regret is defined as a “feeling of sadness, repentance or disappointment over something that happend or has been done (especially a loss or missed opportunity). Having regrets isn’t necessearily a bad thing. If i didn’t feel repentance over my actions, I would never ask for forgiveness and, more importantly, I would never correct my behavior. If I didn’t regret passing up an opportunity that I should have taken, I would pass it up again given the chance.

We all have regrets. That’s not the issue. The issue is what we do with them.

The sadness, disappointment or repentance we feel over a situation should motivate us to change. Our regrets should bring us to a place of correction and forward movement. Don’t get stuck in your regret… that’s where the danger lies. Don’t lament over it, learn from it and do something about it.

What about the regrets we have no control over (i.e. a premature death of a loved one, a childhood trauma, etc.)? I think those regrets can motivate us too! Not in the same way as the regrets we bring upon ourselves, of course, but they can motivate us to make a difference in the lives of others.

Be a voice.

I believe that we will always have regrets, because we will always make mistakes but the more we face our regret and make a change, the shorter these regrets will last. Today I may regret a mistake from yesterday rather than a mistake of ten years ago but, most assuredly, I will regret something. What I do with that regret is what’s going to make the difference.

If we do not live in our regrets and we choose to learn from them they will eventually turn into “life lessons” for which we are grateful, because they have made us who we are today – better, stronger, kinder, more compassionate – whatever the result may be.

Live a life of no learning from regrets!



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