Find Your Sense of Joy and Timelessness

Have you ever heard the term “Jack of all trades master of none?”

Well, I’m Jack.

Ok, maybe Jackie.

The point is I am good at a lot of things. I can sing, act, teach, organize people and events… but I’ve never felt like there is one thing that I am amazingly gifted at.

I’m just a Jack… or a Jackie.

Now, some people would consider it a good thing to be “good” at many different things but I have always seen it as a bit of a burden. Because not only am I good at several different things, I enjoy several different things which has always made it a little too easy to get off course and jump from one thing to the next. Since I wasn’t amazing at any one thing, it was easy for me to be wishy washy in thinking I should be a librarian one day and a pop star the next. (Ok, a little extreme but those are actually two vocations I have wanted to be at some point in my life!)

I was lost. Like most people, I wanted to have purpose. I wanted to do that “one thing” that I was made to do. The problem was, there was so many things I liked to do. And most of them I was at least “good” at (because, I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like to do things I’m not good at!).

And then I was introduced to my sense of joy and timelessness.

What does that mean?

I like to refer to it as the thing that makes your heart sing.

It’s basically that one thing that you could completely lose yourself in. It’s the thing that you absolutely love to do, feel so much fullfillment when you’re doing it and wish you could do more of.

What’s  the one thing that you can do and never look at the clock wondering “when is this going to be over”?

That is your sense of joy and timelessness. That is your passion. The thing you were made to do.

Once you’ve identified it, do as much of that as possible.

Obviously you can’t only do that one thing but there are probably areas in your life that you can let go of so that you can concentrate on your sense of joy and timelessness.

This is where you will find fullfillment and where you will be of best service to others… by being what you were created to be… doing what you were created to do.

What is your sense of joy and timelessness?

(Note: I learned the concept of joy and timelessness from Matthew Kelly’s book the Rhythm of Life. My absolute favorite book ever!)

2 thoughts on “Find Your Sense of Joy and Timelessness

  1. Tyler Lehmann January 14, 2013 / 8:21 pm

    I think I may be very similar to you, Inez, in that I, too, would describe myself as a Jack of all trades. There are a lot of different things I enjoy doing, but it’s hard figuring out which of them I NEED to do. Interesting idea.

  2. inezbayardo January 15, 2013 / 7:41 am

    Yeah, it can take some time to figure it out. 🙂

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