Helping Others is Good Medicine

Ok, so laughter may be the “best medicine” but I think helping others runs a close second. Have you ever felt sorry for yourself? Have you ever been overwhelmed with the “challenges” in your life?

Maybe it’s just me… but probably not.

Yesterday, I was totally having one of those days when life’s “challenges” seemed bigger than me. And yes, I was even feeling sorry for myself. Fortunately, I didn’t stay there for long.

A friend of mine called and we ended up having lunch. Afterwards she was headed to collect diapers for the local Pregnancy Help Center. I ended up going with her. Now, really I didn’t do a whole lot but stand around with a bunch of women who give of their time on a regular basis to help women dealing with unplanned pregnancies. I helped count, met a few people at the door or their cars to help with the diapers… very minimal “work” and yet during that time something powerful happened.

After getting home I realized that I felt much better.

Then I remembered something I already knew but too often forget. Helping others helps me to stop thinking about myself.

During the time that I was helping and talking with these other women I forgot all about the things on my mind that weighed me down just hours before.

The next time you are feeling down or overwhelmed with the worries of life instead of calling for help try being help to someone else.

I think you will find that helping others truly is good medicine. 


(Disclaimer: I am not in anyway saying that we should never ask for help. I often call on friends for help when I’m feeling down and we definitely need people in our lives that we can call on. )



One thought on “Helping Others is Good Medicine

  1. jennifer stewart January 21, 2012 / 7:45 am

    Great blog! I agree completely!!! . . . but I have to add, that you might feel the same euphoria, or more?, from helping Planned Parenthood, which in my opinion, can be just as helpful to women in a pinch and no agenda. But helping at either is wonderful, I say . . .

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