Don’t Give People Power Over You

I am a lover of quotes. I often surf the internet looking for great quotes or skim through books I’ve read only reading the underlined (sometimes circled AND underlined) parts. One of my favorite quotes is “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent” by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Yesterday I found myself in a sitution where I thought, “so-and-so always makes me feel…” I caught myself mid-thought and reminded myself of this great quote.

We are walking a dangerous road when we give people power over our feelings because, ultimately, we are giving away more than feelings. We are giving away a piece of our self-image. The moment I let “so-and-so” “make” me feel a certain way, I begin to allow that person to shape a little bit of how I see myself.

So, rather than feeling lame and insignificant (the way I believed “so-and-so” saw me) I chose to believe that even if  this is how she sees me, that is not who I am. “So-and-so” may never see that I am a hard worker or that I am a capable leader and  that’s perfectly ok with me. Life is too short to waste my time trying to live up to others’ standards (I know this from experience!).

I have no control over how others see me but I do have control over whether or not I give them a piece of my self-image.

Don’t give people permission to make you feel less than!

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