Family Matters

Several years ago I was hanging out with my sister and her two boys. My parents were out of town celebrating their anniversary and my sister decided to have the kids make a photo album for my parents. As we looked through the pictures I frequently found myself asking questions like “when was this?” or “where was this?” and “where was I?”.  Each time the response was the same, “I think you were working”.

I’ve missed camping trips, vscations, my sister’s college graduation, birthday parties and family weddings because of work, and at times I missed things simply to hang out with friends.

That day I learned an important life lesson, family matters. It made me sad to see all that I had missed. I decided that, as best as I could help it, I would never miss out on important moments with my family. Before I never would have asked for time off work to attend something like a nephew’s 8th grade promotion and now I wouldn’t hesitate. In fact, I was there just a few months ago and (surprise, surprise) I found someone to hold down the fort at work.

Jobs come and go, even friends come and go but family is forever. Making your family a priority is something you will not regret.

Never forget that family matters.

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