A Lady Never Empties the Contents of her Purse in Public

This is a life lesson I learned from a book called, “How to be a Lady”. At the time I thought it was ridiculous becaus who would ever empty the contents of her purse in public?

I would. I have. More than once.

I’ve dropped my purse on the ground more times than I can count. Of course, it is rare that I ever zip my purse so… there you go… contents emptied. I’ve also frantically pulled items out of my purse (if you can call it that, it may be more like a small carry on) looking for keys, gum, wallet… you name it. Once again… contents emptied.

I once even emptied the contents of my friend’s purse in public! It was that day that I learned the lesson of why a lady never empties the contents of her purse in public. Let’s just say it can be embarrassing and I’m glad it was her “contents” and not mine… and that it was her boyfriend I waved it in front of (not that I had a boyfriend anyway… but you get the point!).

So lesson of the day… zip your purse and if your purse is the size of luggage you may want to downsize!

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